Thursday, February 13, 2014

Houston flute lessons with Colleen Matheu Johnson  Houston, TX has become in the past few years what is known as a "boomtown." Houston's music and arts scene has grown immensely to become extremely diverse and can rival any major city in 2014.
  With so many choices about where to turn for musical training as a young student in Chicago, I always chose to study with the best performers in the area. As a musician who is a member of The Houston Ballet Orchestra and having been a substitute with The Chicago Symphony, The Houston Symphony, The Houston Grand Opera, The St. Louis Symphony, among others, I understand what is important in live performance as well as the practice room and encourage my students to take advantage of several performance opportunities here in Houston, TX. I offer FREE tickets to my students so they can witness live performances with the symphony and ballet. I believe that if one desires to become a great performer, one must witness great performers in action. If you are interested in scheduling a flute lesson(s) with my here in Houston, please refer to my website for more information.